Three reasons to dive in Cape Verde waters


The beach is crowded with noisy swimmers. Children are running from  side to side, while life happens in a  place where the only noise comes from your own breathing.  The beauty of underwater life can conquers everyone!

In Cape Verde, the ocean is blessed with their tropical fish moving through, freely, all over their habitat, full of colorful corals, which form a particular biodiversity. When we’re confronted with this extraordinary setting, we are motivated by the pleasure of holding a blue turquoise world, with greenish crystalline reflections.

Willing to take dive? TourCv gives you three reasons to practice scuba diving in Cape Verde.


#1. Reduces stress

The feeling of weightlessness while diving is felt automatically and unconsciously, allowing you to experience a feeling of having reached another dimension. Allow yourself to dive into the ocean and feel the problems and all pressure going away. Some people become euphoric with such diversity and forget the purpose of that place. Relax, enjoy, fantasize and be renewed!

#2. The strong contact with nature

When diving, you face a total and different environment. It’s up to the diver to watch the spectacle of life that goes down there. The diver, there, is just passing, what makes the respect extremely important to that habitat. You’re just a visitor!

# 3. Marine Ecosystem Protected

Believe it or not, practicing underwater diving will increase your sense of protection for the marine ecosystem. The diver may feel the necessity to preserve a place that receive and shelter different species, even without knowing them all.  Preserving all that species can give them the chance of getting back and enjoy all that biodiversity again!

If you still in doubt about the deep dives in Cape Verde waters, you should know that at the summer, turtles lay eggs at the beaches at daybreak. An amazing fact that must be seen by those who really appreciate the underwater life.

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