Things that can’t be missing on your trip to Cabo Verde


It's time to pack up the baggage and make a holiday trip to Cabo Verde. Between anxiety to get there and the concern of having time to visit all the islands, a question remains :

what to pack in your bag?

Here we list some items that you can’t forget!


#1 Traveler spirit

 Each traveler has a definition for "open mind" when reaches to a destination. Thousands of people travel to the same place but with different purposes, in which they may search for a unique and free experience. Cabo Verde, as well as many places in the world, have attractions that haven’t been discovered yet and finding people with this “adventures spirit” to explore what haven’t been seen yet is one of our goals...

Oasis Atlantico


#2 Comfortable feet

In this stage, we propose the travelers to make long walks, starting from the moment they arrive at the airport. Prefer that old tennis but comfortable one, that makes you capable to walk for hours! This walk is essential for those who want to absorb the "realities" that Cabo Verde have to offer. It implies being simple and sociable, which improves the odds to make new friends and share new experiences.

# 3.Improvisation

Yes, try to carry a good amount of improvisation. Knowing Cabo Verde goes far beyond a simple guidebook. Therefore, whenever is possible, why not to be your own guide? If just around the corner, you find a loaded woman selling  appetizing candy  and you don’t know how to approach because both speaks different languages, improvise! When we want, we are capable to understand each other. The domain of  languages  is important  when you want to know better the place you are visiting, but you can also improvise with a little Portuguese, Crioulo, English, French ... just face it with humor!

Want more? TourCV will give you more tips to make your experience of knowing Cabo Verde  unforgettable! Bring the items above and your return will be  filled with a lot of “Capeverdeanness".

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