About tourCV


TourCV is a brand focused on tourism in Cabo Verde with the main objective of disseminating information and travel tips.

TourCV was born in 2013 to bring a new way to promote Cape Verdean tourism, enabling the national and international public to interact with the portal and provide more realistic feedback on their visit to the country, as well as obtain information through travel tips and evaluations By other users.

Developed thinking of national and foreign citizens, this portal allows you to navigate the country and discover points of interest in the islands and public places namely, hotels restaurants, bars, tourist spots and much more! TourCV presents some new ideas in Cape Verde, such as tourCV360.


TourCV launched its mobile application in 2015 to facilitate access to information for the public.




Try our mobile application and take Cape Verde with you on your travels!

The platform is supported by the Cape Verdean company iDEIA - Design and Development of Softwares founded in 2013.

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