Five tips for a short trip to Boa Vista


On a brief trip to Boa Vista, to enjoy the weekend and relax on the beautiful beaches of the island,we selected some important tips for future visitors, if you're not staying at an all-inclusive hotel.

Five tips for a short trip to Boa Vista:


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#1 - Do not arrive late on the weekend

Avoid arriving after 12’o clock on Saturday and especially on Sundays. Depending on where you're going to stay (Ex: Sal Rei), you may have serious trouble finding a restaurant open or a shop for small purchases.

#2 - Look for a well-known boarding house or stay at a friend’s house

Do your homework and inform about the boarding houses. Some can be of good quality, but there are others who aren't interested in your well-being. If you know someone who has a boarding house on the island, try to contact them and gather information in advance.

#3 - Bring a food package

Bring some cookies or other foods with you. Although it is a touristic island, sometimes meals and foods are expensive (if you do not intend to spend a lot). It is important to know that if you are not a millionaire, or own a restaurant in the Island, prices can be quite “touristic”.

#4 - Excursions

The island has stunning beaches and beautiful places to visit, but not all of the places are easily accessible. It is wise to contact a tourist guide who owns a car (there are many on the island), for a more complete visit to the wonders of the island.

Here is a suggestion of contact- 9841290- Dimas; He is from Santiago island, but lives in Boa Vista for a long time. Dimas owns a Jeep and the cost of his service is fair.

#5 - Gather information

Once again, do your homework and gather as much information as possible about the island. The weather and everything that may disturb your trip. If it is a short trip and you are not properly prepared, anything can easily turn a moment of rest into a moment of stress.


All things considered... We invite you to visit this wonderful island. Boa vista is the only island in Cape Verde with a desert and wonders that you won’t find on any other island.

Perhaps we'll meet there!


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